About Nexus Consulting International

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The company was founded in September 2000 by Cristian Gheorghe and started as an HR Development consulting company. The services delivered consisted in diagnosis and design of the HR development function, as well as training programs design and delivery.

More than 50 companies and 6000 participants benefited from our development programs, (specific team buildings, management, communication, sales) and here is a list of just a few: British American Tobacco, Tymbark Maspex, Credit Europe Bank, Dr Oetker, HelpNet Farma, Whirpool, HBO, Unilever, GTS Telecom, Reckitt Benckiser, Austral, Brau Union (Heineken), Accent Travel and Events, Siemens PSE, Honda Trading, Alstom GT.

We add the expertise gained between 2007-2011 by our founder as a General Manager of a reputable HR services company (BIA), active in Executive Search, payroll and temporary work areas.  The clients served by the company came from various industries (banks, professional services, retail, IT, industrial production, real estate, pharma) and trusted the living values embedded into the service. ING Bank, Nokia, Servier Pharma, Cristim, GE Money were amongst.

Our mission is to produce visible, positive impact on the short, medium and long-term business results of our clients by professional and efficient work.

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